Varied, fresh, and very original flavor. These are some of the qualities that we want to give our pintxos , why do we like them and want to surprise with its color, taste and texture.

Tastes like the seasons are changing. So our kitchen during the market is varied. Seasonal dishes, “saucers” half portions and desserts are on our …

Wine is an essential element of our culture and way of understanding food and gastronomy. We choose wines coming our territory – wines Emporda – small artisan…

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Section with a collection of newspaper clippings and links to articles and awards have given us …

Estimats clients, amics del Romaní. Moltes gràcies per aquesta temporada del 2016. Gràcies per la vostra fidelitat i el vostre carinyo per el que hem fet aquest any. El Romaní i tot l'equip que hi treballem ens prenem un temps de vacances. Tornarem a principi d,abril. Petons !
Estimados clientes , amigos del Romaní. Muchas gracias por toda esta temporada del 2016. gracias por vuestra fidelidad y cariño hacia lo que hemos hecho este año. El Romaní y todo el equipo que trabajamos en el nos tomamos un tiempo de vacaciones. Volvemos a principio de abril. Besos !

Chers amis et clients de El Romaní. On ferme pour vacances. Merci pour vôtre fidelité et vôtre affection. On comence de noveau le 5 d'april. Bisous!

We close for holidays and we open again the 5th of april. Thanks for this good 2016 season. Hope to see you again . Kisses!
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